Joe Slovo 3

This is the follow up phase of Joe Slovo 1, but this time financed with the Government subsidy and intended to be ownership units. The 3000 individual subsidy housing units are to be built on behalf of The Western Cape Department of Human Settlements by the developer Sobambisana.

While the individual units are similar in design to the traditional 40 square meter freestanding units that are being constructed on various sites in South Africa, the design deviates substantially from the traditional approach of single dwelling free standing units. They are replaced here by complex buildings composed of individual freehold dwellings in double storey configurations. The resulting residential complexes are arranged around communal courts, replacing the undersized open spaces surrounding freestanding units. This design revolutionises the concept of subsidy housing. The Urban Design plan, as per Joe Slovo 1, is structured around a system of linked public spaces that also link the site into the broader urban area of Langa, as well as creating landscaped forecourts to the development.